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Cesar's Epistle

First Century
Second Century
Third Century
Fourth Century
Fifth Century
Sixth Century
Seventh Century
Henry's Epistle
Eighth Century
Ninth Century
Tenth Century


This this the first serious attempt to compare the main editions printed in the XVI century, I compared the follow editions:

1555 Lyon (Albi : Rochegude 12426 R)
1555 Lyon (Wien)
1557 Lyon (Utrecht)
1557 Lyon (Moskau or. Budapest)
1568 Guinard X
1568 Guinard A
1568 Guinard B
1568 Guinard C
1568 Guinard Y
1588 Rosset
1589 Ménier
1589 Du Petit Val
1590 Rousseau
1590 Sainct Iaure
1597 Par les heritiers de Benoist Rigaud


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