Nostradamus - Life - Genealogy


Birth of the Prophet Nostradamus
and Historical Moment

Michel Nostradamus was born in Saint-Rèmy, in December of 1503, almost at noon. He was the son of notary Jacques o Jaume De Nostredame and of his wife Renée de Saint-Rèmy. This is a small town in Provence (southern France), located at 1O miles from the Gaul-Roman town of Arles (with roman ruins as Marie's arch and Saint Paul mausoleum). Saint-Remy was built near GLANUM ruins, famous holy place for Gaul, and in the 1921 excavations were found Hellenistic, Greek and roman remains.
The city is located by the middle of "Provence's sacred triangle", that has as it's vertex Arles, Avignon and Salon, where the Prophet will marry and live(1547) and die (1566), plenty of fame and glory.
It was almost 11 years from Columbus' discovery of "Western Indies", and in Rome had suddenly died Pope ALEXANDER VI (Rodrigo Borgia). Pope maybe died because he ingested by error a poison that was destined to an unknown cardinal. After him was elected Pious III, that died after 25 days, and was replaced with a warrior  Pope JULIUS II (Giuliano Della Rovere, from Albisola, Savona) a real military commander, that began many victorious expeditions against French and cities that rebelled to the Pontifical State. He was the same Pope that ordered to sculptor Michelangelo Buonarroti the wall paintings in Sistine Chapel.
In that time LOUIS XII was king of France and he signed with Spain's king FERDINAND II a theatre for the division of Naples' kingdom, that they soon broke, and resolved with war, in the battle of Seminara and in Barletta's defy.
Is the shining era of Renaissance, great artist as Leonardo da Vinci, Raffaello Sanzio and Michelangelo Buonarroti are making their masterpieces. Nicolo Machiavelli writes his treatise of politics "Il Principe". Christopher COLUMBUS is making his fourth trip. Only in those years, Amerigo Vespucci, after discovery of Rio de Janeiro's bay, realises that it is an entire new continent and publishes this idea in his book "Mundus Novus" (1503). Martin LUTHER is studying in Erfurt's University, and his 99 thesis are still in his mind.


The Hebrew Ancestry of Michel Nostradamus

Michel de Nostredame grandfather was Guy GASSONET, a merchant in Avignon town and the son of the cereal's merchant Arnoton De Velorgne. In June 14 of 1463 was declared null the marriage between Guy Gassonet and his wife Benastruga, daughter of Ricavus, because she refused to convert to chris tian faith. Guy Gassonet converted and took his name from "Nostre-Dame" parish, (Our Lady). He married a catholic woman, Blanche De Sainte-Marie, that gave him 5 sons: JAUME o JACQUES (Father of Michel De Nostredame); Marguerite (M.N. aunt) that will get marry in Avignon and hosted young Nostradamus during the years of his high school.
In 1481 Provence (formerly a territory of the Anjoux Archduke), was conquered by the French Crown, and soon they began to apply their ancient laws against Hebrews. That, in the case of a refusal to convert to Christian religion and to pay bleeding taxes, were sentenced to the seizure of their belongings and to expulsion from the kingdom (1501 Edict by Louis XII).
Jacques went to work as a notary in Saint-Rémy, and had to pay the "Tax over the Ancestry", as is clearly registered in a document with date 21/12/1512. Then he married with a woman from an Hebrew family, Renée de Saint-Remy, (daughter of Reymier de Saint-Rémy and Beatrice Tourriel) and they had 3 sons: MICHEL, Jean and Bertrand. JEAN (1507-1577) became procurator in the parliament of Lion, and wrote: Vies des plus Cèlébres et Anciens Poétes Provencaux , BERTRAND became a public notary in Avignon and married Thonine de Roux.

Childhood, Education and Studies of Michel Nostradamus


MICHEL was born in Hoche street (now renamed Rue des Barri), in a simple building, and after 5 days his baptism was registered.
His great-grandfather Jean de Saint-Rémy, royal medical doctor, gave as dowry to his nephew Renée (MICHEL's mother), the home and surrounding lands, vine- yards and a brick's factory located in Orgon.
Many biographers, kept the idea that great-grandfather Jean began to teach Michel, since his early years, to astronomical sciences, to very ancient concepts of sacred mathematics and to the most hidden esoteric knowledge. Between those, certainly he taught Michel about the Qabbalistic Traditions of the PROVENCE SCHOOL. This knowledge began with in MOISE DE JEAN 1309
Astrology was a matter of universitary teaching, and became a complimentary science to Medicine thanks to king CHARLES V of France (1338-1830) that was king instead of his father JOHN II, (prisoner of English Crown) in 1356-1360, he founded in Paris an University that joined Medicine with Astrology, with it's motto: "a physician without astrology is like a blind eye" .
Michel studied in AVIGNON, where he was hosted by aunt Marguerite, here he showed a brilliant mind, that easily remembered notions and languages, at age 16, he already understood Latin, Greek, Hebrew, had some confidence with astrology and mathematics, he began to study ancient Hebrew esoteric sciences, knew some principles in medicine and learned how to prepare some simple curative drugs.
In Avignon in 1520 he got the title of "Maitre des Arts", (like high school diploma) and this gave him the right to teach letters and philosophy in the schools.
In 1526, because of street riots in the city, professors were forced to stop lessons, and he left for a while MONTPELLIER's UNIVERSITY, and could return only after three years. In 1528 he stayed in BORDEAUX, where he helped in a very effective way to fight the expansion of the terrible PLAGUE EPIDEMY brought from Italy by king LOUIS XII troops.
He followed the advise taught by his great-grandfather, he suggested to bury corpses very deep, between layers of quicklime (Lime has a sterilizating action). He advised to burn trash (food for rats and their infecting fleas). Also he asked to everybody to have a scrupulous cleaning of hands, to change clean dresses often, filtrating masks, etc. His potion of GARLIC and ALOE that he recommended as ointment for massages and also for ingestion got an excellent reputation for defending from plague infection. (Actually, scientist have widely proven the excellent antibacterial action of GARLIC and the immunostimulator effect of ALOE). He got convinced to study Medicine.
In 1529 he signed to the famous , where he studied together with famous UNIVERSITY OF MONTPELLIER people like François REBELAIS and Balthasar Noyer. Surely, as almost all his colleagues, he practice clandestine corpse dissections, something that was forbidden by the Law and the Church of those times (except with the dead bodies of criminals sentenced to death).
In 1532 he got his DEGREE and the right to dress the RED TOGA, and began to practice as the assistant of an older doctor. After four days of examinations he got the degree. Was thirty years old, and following the fashion between the sages of those times, latinazed his name, and from the simple Nostredame transformed in the character... NOSTRADAMUS !
For the title of Medical Doctor he made an examination over six patients, so he finally obtained in Saint-Firmin's church the golden ring, the squared hat and Ippocrate's book. Since then he will wear his family's emblem, with 4 sectors, in two is depicted a black headed eagle, and in the other two there is an eight rayed wheel, a remembrance of his origin, "of the wandering" of Hebrews around the whole world. The shield is underlined by a coat of arms that has written his famous motto:

SOLI DEO , maybe meaning "Only God", or... "Sun God" !

In the book by Cèsar Nostradamus (Michel's son) Histoire et chroniques de Provence is told that great-grandfather Pierre was a Royal Physician (false: was a wheat merchant) and is said to be descendent from Israel's tribe of Issachar, his true name Abraham Salomon.
The friendship with Françoise RABELAIS is certain, Nostradamus was surely a great friend of him. Less sure is the life of merrymaking and the visits to dubious girlfriends, told in many books, and less of all, the marriages with two prostitutes, in sequence ! I don't believe that a so sharp mind would have preserved his great cuteness between drinks, parties and hedonism ! (Probable exceptions in great occasions).
This could be truth for RABELAIS, son of a wealthy family, that began as a Franciscan friar, then changed to the Benedictines, and then signed to Medicine in Montpellier (1530), where he got his degree in 1537. In the while he wrote his funny masterpieces Pantagruel (1532), Gargantua (1534), and Pantagruelique Pronostication (burlesque predictions for year 1533), where he made a laugh of astrologers and seers. And is not known in what measure this was inspired by the sighting of his own friend Michel de Nostradame !

His friend Cèsar Scaliger. His first Wife and sons die of Plague.

After his degree, Nostradamus did not had an easy life. He lacks a medical relative that could help him to make a decent practice and that maybe could present him some clients. He also has to hide his Hebrew stem, in order to get modesty jobs as a helper in small medical consults or chemists laboratories. In 1533 is in Avignon, then moves to BORDEAUX and Tolouse, where he had to survive selling beauty lotions and fruit jellies, that brought him some fair money.
He went to the town of AGEN, located in the department of Lot-Garonne, (100 miles north of Lourdes) after receiving a letter of invite sent by César SCALIGER, a extravagant man with sage's fame, very presumptuous, that had knowledge in many areas (but without enough deepening) and that claimed to speak correctly Greek, Italian (obviously, he was born there) Latin, German, etc.
He had a very strong will, and had 15 sons with his wife Audiette de Roques-Lobejac. Was an atheist to the extreme, made severe criticism against the ideas of the Erasmus von Rotterdam and to the Italian mathematician Girolamo Cardano.
Scaliger is very exuberant, wants to take control of all, and took Nostradamus under his protective wing. He founds a wife for Nostradamus, and Michel marries for the first time in TOLOUSE(1533), with Madeleyne (?) and from their marriage were born two sons, that soon will die during the tragedy of PLAGUE.
Scaliger soon understands the deep esoteric knowledge hold by Nostradamus in many esoteric arguments, and soon begins to have a growing envy. And Nostradamus also began to work in the workshop of an Huguenot chemist, Victor SARACEN, that when tortured by the Catholic Inquisition, denounced Nostradamus as being more a nigromant than a medical doctor or an astrologer, and that also own forbidden books.
Many biographers say that was Scaliger himself to call the inquisitors. (I don't believe this because MN called Cèsar his first son, in honour of his old friend ?) So Nostradamus had to run out from the town, in order to save his life, and left alone in Agen his wife Madeleyne. He began the difficult life of the countryside medical doctor, having to rest in houses of merciful peasants (that paid him with hospitality, food and maybe some eggs for travels. He could manage to return to Agen, called by authorities because of the PLAGUE) epidemic. When Michel finally reached the town (1535), he could only watch the terrible death of his wife and two children, already infected by this bacteria (being most of all an hygienist, he could do very few thing to save his family).


Travels of Nostradamus: Germany, Italy

Overcome by the grief of the lost of family and the betrayal of his best friend, prosecuted by Inquisition, ruined in his career, Michel travels for 12 years across the world. He suspects of everybody, is in a complete paranoid condition that is loosened only by the immersion in the bittersweet condition of having nothing more to lose, of being completely free, from any duty and responsibility. He is free to read anything he wants, he is free to prepare and taste any potion, there are not any wife of children to care about, he can go almost everywhere in the world, he is free from daily life, the only hunger that he has to satisfy is his own desire of more knowledge, of the deepest mysteries.
There is a tale, maybe a legend, that tells that during one trip to Italy, near ANCONA (Ghetto-city in Adriatic sea, for Italian Hebrews and harbour to the east) he crossed in his path with a group of humble Franciscan friars, between those there was the young novice Felice PERETTI, a former swine-herder, maybe the poorest in group. Nostradamus suddenly kneeled down in front of him, and made a reverence !
The friars remained startled and asked, why all this fervour towards a very simple brother that had entered the order only yesterday ? M.N. answered that it was quite normal that a good Christian prostrate in front of his Holiness the Pope ! In effect, after a long and painstaking career, the swine-herder Felice, will became General Vicarious of the Franciscan friars, Bishops of Sant'Agata dei Goti, Cardinal in 1570, and finally he will be elected to the Pontifex Solium, becoming Pope with the name SIXTUS V(Pope from 1585 to 1590, more than 19 years after M.N. death).

First Books by Nostradamus. Medical Doctor and Astronomer.

In 1545 he wrote Interpretation des Hieroglyphs de Horapollo 86 hand-written sheets authenticated, that after being in the library of COLBERT, minister of French king LOUIS XIV, were bought by THE ROYAL LIBRARY and (until recently) were in the old National Bibliotheque de Paris (former location: MSF 2594), this is the only certified hand-written of Nostradamus, actually available. All it's parts are written by himself and signed. This text was published in Barcelona by Pierre ROLLER (1968), and contains 11 unpublished quatrains and an "explanation" about Costantine's treasure, commented by PEIRESC, a famous botanical and brother like friend of Nostradamus' son César.
In may 1546 a delegation coming from the town of Aix en Provence asked for his presence in the city, where it was raging a terrible PLAGUE epidemics, (Infectious disease caused by the bacterium Yersinia pestis that has as it's reservoir more than 200 species of rodents and vector insects like fleas). In a few hours thousands of persons got the illness, because also the small drops of cough (Plugge's) ejected by those with the pulmonary form, that remained in suspension in closed environments.
In 2-12 days the patients went from complete good health to a terrible disease that showed with fever arriving to 72° Fahrenheit, with repeated agitated quivering, headache, delirium, vomit. In the place of the flea's bite (or entrance's wound), can be seen a vesicle that soon will enlarge to from a blister, after two days there will be swelling of lymphonodes that will merge to form a big bluish bubo usually in the inguinal zone.
The aching bubo Charbon will enlarge to the size of an egg. There is irregular fever. If the patient has a good immunity the bubo will open and leave a scar. If the person was unlucky he would had the bacteria going to the blood, the lungs or brain, with a toxic state, bleeding, diarrhoea, kidney disease, shock. Death usually happened in 6°-7° day. But, during epidemics there were several types of disease, fulminating with death in 3 days, or mild as an influenza.
In our age there is a vaccine, that covers for 6 months. As therapy for infected are available sulphonamides, streptomycin, cloramphenicol (it reduces mortality to 5%). Great relevance is given today to the fight against rats and to the isolation of the suspected and certainly ill, something that M.N. knew and made perfectly, anticipating modern notions. But, in that times, many doctors thought of plague, simply as a chastisement sent by God
Aix town was plenty of corpses, abandoned along the streets, leaking blood and pus, eaten by rats, that were bitten by fleas. In a general histery, ill and healthy commit suicide throwing themselves from windows or drowning in wells. Many women sew on herself their shroud, in order to prevent, when dying, of being left naked in the street and raped by any of many infected men plenty of madness.
Nostradamus ordered to empty the streets, burn trash, to bury the corpses very deep between layers of quicklime. Orders disinfect of houses with winegar, boiled wine, boiling water. Advises to burn aromatic woods, to clean sewers. Orders extermination of rats with poisoned bait. Recommends the chewing of GARLIC cloves, (today scientist proved the antibacterial action of garlic), the use of gloves and filtration masks made of leather.
Nostradamus, clearly knows, to be one of those few lucky men, with a strong immunity towards plague, because he got it in a milder form in Tolouse. With cold blood he contempt death, walks in the streets and brings his lovely help everywhere, also in the houses of the terminally ill, while outside, in the street, is heard the terrifying bell of the Alarbes cart that is collecting corpses.
With the help of Aix's pharmacist, Joseph TURRELL, makes prepare remedies, like his "Electary of Egg against Plague", made of cipress, aloe, amber, musk, carnation flowers, iris essence and roses. (Today it is known that many of the substances here mentioned are mild immunity stimulators). After 9 months of terror, plague was overcame, and Nostradamus received a life fee.
But his presence is immediately requested in Lion, for another epidemic, that he will defeat with the same great success. In 1547 he goes to Salon for a suspected epidemics, but luckily is only a false alarm In this city of 4000 souls, lives his brother BERTRAND, there he will put his home for the next 19 years, and will marry Anne Ponsarde and live until the end of his days.
SALON en Provence is located 24 miles from Marseille, not very far from Saint-Rémy, and is surrounded by vast olive cultivation and vineyards, producing an excellent oil and wine. Today Nostradamus is remembered in streets and boulevards. In his home has been installed a museum.
Michel is 45 years old, and there he meets Anne Ponsarde, the rich widow of Jean Beaulme. He will marry her after two months of engagement, maybe because of her endowed beauties, but also because of his dowry (400 Florins) ! The marriage is celebrated in November 26 of 1547, with a warm ceremony and a sumptuous reception because of the presence of many nobleman, authorities and simple citizens, all very happy to rend their greeting to a Man universally acclaimed as a benefactor of that piece of mankind.
Since that time he will live in Anne's home, 4 floors in Ferrey-Roux quarter. In the highest floor, he will put a laboratory-observatory, the place dedicated to his astronomical observations that frequently make him go into trance condition and lead his spirit to undergo his extraordinary travels in time and space. From this experiences Nostradamus will get the visions that he will use to compile his immortal quatrains, that he will soon publish with the name Des Siecles (The Centuries).
But many authors suspect, based in a few quatrains surely belonging to the past of Nostradamus (like those about the Templar Crusaders, or those about Anglican Schism) that Michel could had received a lot of ready-made quatrains from his great-grand- father JEAN, an that the latter had received these from secret groups, Templars ?
Nostradamus was described by his disciple Jean-Ayme de CHAVIGNY, as being of strong complexion, slightly shorter than average, with a large forehead, and with well co loured cheeks. From his light grey eyes, a kind gaze assured his interlocutors. But they were impressed by his long beard, more typical of the Hebrew Cabalist or of iranian Suphi than of the usual Renaissance sage.
In those long years he got to develop a taciturn and very analytical temperament, that led him to ponder accurately every word, and to rapidly elaborate a very sharp and deep judgement of the persons he met, that expressed with subtle irony. Always plenty of courtesy, is ready to change to the most absolute coldness, when realises to be in front of people that simply want to make him lost his precious time, yet because of their innate malice or only because intellectual lacking.
Having an excellent health, he will be ached only in his late age by rheumatism and gout. He lives in a very simple and reserved way, but never going too far nor blending too much with SALON's small medieval community, made of serene and laborious people that know everybody in the town by his own name, where they placidly live, commerce and work between humble but clean and roomy homes.
Women stroll along main street, showing their beautiful flowery blue dresses, their sumptuous breasts exploding from neckline, her well shaped bottom raised by Provence's wooden shoes Sabot , their long black or red hair making volutes.
All this life is watched by the austere structure of Empire's (XIII c.) castle<>
Today in Salon, we could see the clock (XIV c.) of the watchtower of Saint Michel's Church (background of this page) were Nostradamus everyday assisted to Holy Mass (Is behaving in an very Christian way, in order to prevent any further prosecution by Inquisition). We could also see the ancient arch of Borg-Neuf, and the Saint Laurence's College and Church, belonging to Franciscan friars, where M.N. will be buried 19 years later.
He elaborated many horoscopes (very well paid) for rich men in town, and also helped to the decoration of the city. The mayors of Salon asked him to write the text of a commemorative plate for a fountain (1553).
He wrote for them the following laughing text: "If the resources of humane ingenuity, could had consent to constantly bring wine to the citizens, for the not very good tasting waters of the fountain that here you can see, would had been unuseful to make this expense by the Senate (mayors) and the Peoples of Salon; the noblemen Palamède Marl and Anthony Paul being the "consuls". He signed the stone plate M. Nostradamus (give thanks) to the immortal gods in name of Salon habitants".
In this times, he is not working more as a medical doctor, because esoterical studies absorb his time. In 1550 he began to publish his first ALMANACS with annual previsions, that had an enormous success. (Copies of 1557 and 1563 are in Arbaud library in Aix-en-Provence).
In April 1552, (dedicated to his brother Jean) he published the Traitè des Fardements with recipes for excellent, tasteful jellies, beauty lotions and other venial things, this indicates that Michel, in Salon has finally found a small degree of serenity, and know shows his sybarite and playful side, that all those sad circumstances had suffocated.
In March 15° of 1555, he ended his long letter ad Cesarem Nostradamus Filium (That interpreters De Fontbrune (father and son) have deciphered and linked in a very convincing way to events like French Revolution [1792 is a clearly stressed date in this letter], to the First and Second World Wars, and to the menacing THIRD WORLD WAR, that could led to St. John's Apocalypse and to the glorious return of Our Lord Jesus).
The "Letter to my Son César" will join in the same book, the first 3 Centuries in verses ordered in quatrains, plus 53 q. of the IV Century. The first publishing was in LION, with this title: Les Vrayes Centuries et Propheties de Maistre Michel Nostradamus , and the editor was Macè BONHOMME , in date May 3rd 1555. Quatrains are the result of years of intense arrangement work, as everybody can feel, reading the large number of sixains and quatrains left incomplete and never published during Nostradamus' life.
In following years he will continue this work, publishing without pause in the years to come: annual PRESAGES (not referred to France's destiny), the quatrains of the other 7 centuries, and lefting to posthume press the Sixains SIXTINES , that probably contain (idea of interpreter ROBERTS) a LITURGICAL CHRONOLOGY (from Nicea's Council, A.D.325) and (between several things) a reference to Wall St. crisis (1929) and to exact time of nazist rule in Germany.
Recently (1982) it was discovered in the Central National Library in Rome (Castro Pretorio) (by Mrs. Enza Massa of the "Giornale dei Misteri) an illustrated CODEX of XVII c. with title Vaticinia M. Noftradamis de futuri Christi Vicarii ad Cesarem filium. D.I.A. Interprete with images of prophecies about Popes by abbot Joachim da FIORE, but with addiction of new images. Nat. Library attributes this codex to Nostradamus, is joined by a bibliographic card wrote by Cartesian fathers that tell that the hand-written was sent as a gift in 1622 by Nostradamus first son, Cèsar, to card. Maffeo BARBERINI, that in 1623 would had become Pope with the name URBANUS VIII.

Nostradamus's sons: Cèsar, Charles, André, daughters: 
Madeleyne, Jeanne, Anne e Diane

As reaction and remembrance to the death of his first wife, Michel called Madeleyne his first daughter, that will receive an abundant dowry in 1566 testament. In 1555 was born César, that Nostradamus seems to prefer, is an historian, poet and painter. He becomes an important person, Consul in Salon-en-Provence., Gentilhomme Ordinaire of the Chamber, decoration given by king LOUIS XIII Great friend of botanical Peiresc.

Of Charles (1555-1629), a character that modestly had always been reserved, is only known that wrote a book about flowers "Dei Fiori" that brought to the Brà library, in Piedmont. He travelled to Spain and Italy and died single. Andrè (1557-1601), plenty of mystical spirit, became cappuccine friar.

Nostradamus, protected by Caterina de' Medici, became Astrologer of king Henry II

After the publishing of Centuries Michel Nostradamus is so famous, that on date July 14 1556, Provence's governor, Claude de Tende, brought him an invite letter to Paris, sent by king Henry II, maybe by suggestion of his wife Catherine de' Medici (Henry did not esteemed much this court of astrologers that surrounded his queen).
He will arrive in august, will be hosted by the royal family in the Hotel bishop de Sens. Because the pain due to gout, Michel will stay in bed for 15 days, and there he will receive the visits of Her Majesty and of the Royal Court.
He will be asked, in a true prophetic "counselling", to evaluate the advise given by Italian astrologer L. GAURICO to king Henry II to avoid any knight's fighting in tournament.
Luca Gaurico was a priest very esteemed by Pope PAUL III (because of his prophecies), and he made him bishop of Civitate (1545). Following Henry II's astrological chart he advised the king to avoid every tournament or war during his 41° year of life, because of the risk of wounds to the head, with the risk of blindness and death. And in Catherine's court was known the quatrain I.35 of the century , that foretold the death of an unknown lion-symbolized knight after single combat wounds

Le lyon ieune le vieux surmontera,
En champ bellique par singullier duelle
Dans caige d' or les yeux luy crevera:
Deux classes vne,puis mourir,mort cruelle.

The young lion will overcome the older one,
in a combat field in single fight:
He will pierce his eyes inside a golden cage,
Two wounds in one, then will die, a cruel death.


This q. adjust perfectly to the tragic destiny that awaited king Henry II Valois: death after 11 days of atrocious agony, after the tournament wound received in date July 10th 1559, by the broken lance of Montgomery duke, that broke after a first impact against Henry's shield, bouncing and entering king's helmet (not in gold). A piece of the lance entered by an eye and get out from his ear: two wounds !
Tournament was developing in front of Tournelles palace, and all was going right. King Henry II, that wore the colours of his favourite Diane de Poitiers, had been armed by the Seigneur de Vieilleville. He had broken 3 lances against Emmanuel F. Savoy, the duke Henry of Guisa and with con Gabriel Montgomery, that almost by chance had unsaddled him. So, king Henry asked for a second match, that would had been the fatal one. Vielleville beg him to stop, because he and Blaise de Montluc had made the same distressing precognitive nightmare. Also queen Catherine, always anxious because of the horoscopes, beg him to di abandon the match.
After wound, Henry didn't had immediately a faint, but horserided to the queen with a piece of lance inside head, face covered by blood, and shout "I'm dead", was helped to descend from horse, then fainted and was brought to palace.
Seems that this fact was also "seen" by G. Cardano, by an Hebrew astrologer in Rome and as mentioned before by GAURICO, that had left in royal registers an horoscope with this prediction. (Archives of France's Connestable managed by L'Aubespine).
In a study of this q. through anagrams, The American interpreter V.J. HEWITT says that in the 1st line of I.35 there is hidden the name of the MONT(gomery)... and that the accident was not at all by chance, maybe he was Catherine's lover ?
But this tragedy was in 1559, we are still in 1556, and M.N. took a long travel, first back to Provence, then to Italy, exactly to Turin, where he left in 1566 a commemorative stone, in the mansion called Villa Vittoria, that then became Domus Morozzo.. maybe the mysterious D.M. STONE of q.8.66? (See: Di Nostradamus e di una sua antica iscrizione, C. Pagliano, Turin, 1934)
In this years Nostradamus began to suffer from continuous gout attacks, with pain in the back and pelvis, his body swells of liquids (kidney disease ?). In 10 years his disease would have taken him away from us. But, in Salon, he is greeted by kings from all Europe. In Empire's castle he received the visit of King Emmanuel F. Savoy and of his Queen Marguerite de France, terrorised but fascinated after Henry II death. They were reassured, when foretold that their descendant would rule Italy for many centuries.
Between 1557 and 1561, appeared several false quatrains and libels from critics of Nostradamus Prophecies, between those we can remember the Contradicts by Monsieur de Pavilion, and the Declaration des Abus... by Laurente Videl.
In 1560, is told of another legendary meeting of Nostradamus with Catherine de' Medici, in that years absolutely immersed in the occultism environment. They would had make a magical experiment, with the mysterious mirror "Kaptotron" that supposedly was made in Sweden, with only one sheet of a black monocline mineral (kaptoprite ?), extracted in NORDMARK.
After a magic rite, the Queen saw her son's shadows, make as many turns on themselves as the years of their reigns. Then appeared also the shadow of the protestant King Enrique Borbon de Navarra, son of Navarra's King Antonio Borbon and of Juana de Albret. Catherine, covered by talismans in all her body, had made built a true alchemical labo ratory in her castle, but is distressed by the future of her sons.
She is conforted by the visions in the black mirror, that shows all his sons in reign. This was true, they reigned, CHARLE IX for 14 and Henry III for 15 years, but they died young, poisoned or killed by fanatics. Francis II Valois, married with Mary STUART, died suddenly in a party, after only one year in reign (X.39: poisoned ?).
In 1564 king CHARLES IX and his mother Catherine (regent) brought the extreme salute to Nostradamus. He foretold again over all Catherine's sons, and greets Charles IX with the motto: Vir Magnus Bello, Nulli Pietate Secundus (meaning: without match in the use of weapons and in the charity, but... moving commas it turns into a terrible sequence of insults !)
Nostradamus shows a scrupulous attention towards the young (11 y.) Enrique, prince of Navarra, ask to be taken to the home of his future son-in-law Pierre Trone de Codolet, that hosts Enrique, and sees "royal signs" in his child's naked sleeping body.
Nostradamus made him the secret prophecy, that if he managed to survive, he would had became a Great King of France and Navarra. Truly ENRIQUE-IV (King: 1589-1610), became King after the death (killed) of Alexander-Henri III (Re: 1574-1589), Catherine's son, that was tired of wars between the catholic faction of Henry Guisa and the protestant group of France's admiral Coligny, that slaughtered each other since "St. Barthelemy's Night" (1572). Henry III asked Henry IV to put an end to this wars between French. Maybe Nostradamus admires the person that will bring to an end the "religious wars" in France with the signature of Nantes Edict.

Prophet Nostradamus foretells his own End in Presage 141

After the brief visit of Charles IX to Salon, the King made to Nostradamus several gifts, an amount of 300 golden ecus and the title of "Royal Medical Doctor and Ordinary Advisere", with the right to a rich annual fee. Nostradamus escorted them to Arles.
By the while, the disease of he old Michel worsens, mainly after April 1566, and in June 17° 1566, he calls the notary of Salon, Joseph ROCHE, in order to made redaction of his TESTAMENT , very precise (Analysed by Peruvian interpreter Daniel RUZO, has shown to contain many useful keys for the understanding and authentication of quatrains). His devote disciple Jean Aymes de CHAVIGNY (That had took part to expeditions in Canada, where he remained impressed by the divinatory capabilities of Indian seers, thing that induced him to study the world of seers, and later to serve Nostradamus) was very, very worried, when he saw that his master had written in a copy of the book Ephémérides Jean Studies the Latin words Hic propre mors est meaning Here it is the moment of the own death.
The night of the death, Jean Aymes salutes him "See You tomorrow", but Nostradamus, responded to him with very weak voice: " You will not see more me in life at SUNRISE ".



Du retour d'Ambassade,don de Roy,mis au lieu,
Plus n' en fera,sera allé à
Dieu, Parens plus proches,amis,freres du sang,
Trouvé tout mort pres du lict et du banc.

Coming back from a Diplomatical encounter, gift of a King, put in place,
More he will not do, he will be near to God,
More close relatives, friends, brothers in blood,
Found dead at all near the bed and the bench


But, in this sad moment, we can remember that Michel Nostradamus has the same concept of death, proper of the First Christians, he calls it "The Day of Birth" Dies Natalis ...


Le corps sans ame plus n' estre en sacrifice,
Iour de la mort mis en nativité:
L' esprit divin fera l'ame felice,
Voiant le verbe en fon eternité.

The body without soul is no longer in sacrifice,
Day of death is make as birth:
The divine spirit will rejoice the soul,
Seeing the "verb" (Divine Will) in his eternity


1481-1504 Jean de St Remy He was the maternal great-granfather, he was a doctor and treasurer of St Remy
????-1503 Guy Gassonet He was a Jew, grand-father of Nostradamus converted as Peyrot  Nostredame
  Reynier de St. Remy She was the mother
????-1547 Jaume de Nostredame He was the father, merchant and from the 1505 notary,  naturalized in 1540
????-1582 Anne Ponsard "gemelle" She was the second wife,
1551-1623 Madeleine Nostredame She was a daughter, married with one son
1554-1623 Cesar Nostredame He was the most notorius son of Nostradamus, he waas a painter, histrorian, 
1st consul of Salon
1556-1629 Charles Nostredame He was a son, poet, married with one daughter, he was confused with Michel 
Nostradamus " le jaune"
1557-1601 Andre Nostredame He was a son, capuchin friar in the year 1587
1558-1597 Anne Nostredame She was a daughter, married with Melchior de Seva
1561-1630 Diane Nostredame She was a daughter, spinster
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