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1503, 14 Dec Michel de Nostredame born at midday at St Remy
1519, Nostredame starts his studies at Avignon
1521, Nostredame starts a 9 years of Herbal's research
1529,23 Oct Nostredame enrolled at Montpellier medical Faculty
1533, Nostredame living at Agen, friendship with Francois Rabelais
1544, Nostredame studies the plague at Marseille under Louis Serrez
1546, Nostredame at Aix and then at Salon to fight the plague
1547, Nostredame at Lyon to fight the plague
1547,11 Nov Nostredame marries Anne Ponsarde at Salon
1548,1549 Nostradame start his travel around Italy, Venice, Genoa, Savona and many other cities
1550, Nostradame returns from Italy, first almanac published
1551, Second almanac published, Madeleine, his first daughter was born
1552,1 Apr "Traite des fardemens" finished, third almanac published
1553 The almanac for the year 1554 published in Lyon, death of Rabelais
1554,13 Apr Jean Aime de Chavigny pupil of jean Dorat start like Nostradamus' secretary, almanac for the year 1555
published, Cesar was born
1555 Published the "Traite des fardemens" in Lyon, First edition of "propheties" published the 4th of May by
Mace Bonhomme in Lyon then at Avignon by Roux, Nostradamus visit Lyon, at Paris meet Catherine de
Medici, horoscopes for the Queen's sons
1556 Almanac 1556/7 published at Lyon and Paris, inscription of Turin, first edition republished in Avignon
1557 Almanac for the year 1557 republished in Paris, start of the letter to Henry II  dated 14, March,  Italian
translation for the almanac published in Milan, almanac 1558 published in Lyon, "Traite des fardemens"
published in Antwerp, the third of November Andre was born, the 13 of November was published the
second edition of the "propheties" in Lyon by du Rosne
1558 Almanac for the year 1558 published in Lyon and Antwerp, finished the letter to Henry II, last three
centuries published by Tournes in Lyon, the almanac for the year 1559 published in Lyon, Anne  born,
Pirated edition of the 1559's almanac published in London
1559 Almanac for the year 1560 published in Lyon and Paris, "le significations de L'eclipse..." published in
Paris, Marguerite de Valois visit Nostradamus in Salon
1560 Almanac for the year 1560 published in German, almanac for the 1561 published
1561 Almanac for the year 1562 published in Paris and Lyon, Diane was born, 4th edition of the propheties
published in Paris by Regnault,
1562 Letter to the canons, Almanac for the year 1563 published in Lyon, Avignon and in Italy,
1564 Catherine de Medici visit Nostradamus in Salon, almanac for the year 1565 published, Nostradamus
in Arles to give advices to the Queen
1565 Almanac 1566 published, various Almanac publications, letter to the Queen
1566 Almanac for the year 1567 published, testament of Nostradamus, Death of Nostradamus the 2th July

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