Warning - The Warning



The Warning


"There is a Secret of Heaven and another one of earth, and the latter is terrifying. It will seem as though it were already the end of the world. And in this cataclysm everything will be separated from the sky, which will turn white as snow."

Jacinta, Child-Seer of Fatima, Portugal, on her deathbed to Mother Godinho*," February 1920


The excerpts below are culled from the vast compilation of messages (over 300) given by Heaven to the world in these latter days. They excepts are practically all that Heaven has stated about the Warning at Bayside and is the most information that has ever been given about the Warning by any apparition in the history of the world. It is also the most complete list of the Bayside Warning messages that has ever been assembled in one place. Therefore after reading this web page you dear Sir or Madam will be more knowledgeable about the Warning than 99.999% of the population of the world.






Sept. 7, 1972
Eve of the Feast of Our Lady's Nativity

Our Lady - "We are now entering the beginning of the period called `Y'. How long this will continue will depend on the penance of the world." (X, Y, Z, = end.) "I have come to prepare you for the great cataclysm that lies ahead. I have called you to penance innumerable times and in many places. When the cataclysm comes upon you, the chastisement, which is so sorely needed now, I will be unable to shield you any longer from it. All who are of well spirit will have no reason to fear. They will go through this with great hope and heart, for the ultimate outcome will be the joy to all who have remained with My Son."
Veronica - A man appeared with Our Lady, a man in rough, brown garments. He was holding a book and a large stick with which he was pointing into the Book.
The man said - "I, John, have made it known to you what lies ahead in the last days of your era.* You will all peruse the pages now and know what lies before you! There is no mystery to the words, for with the Light of the Spirit you will be able to understand - all will be revealed to those who search!"
(*St. John, the Apostle, refers to the book of Apocalypse in the Bible.)
Our Lady pointed to the banner of "Faithful and True" (banner that Veronica was instructed to have made to demonstrate allegiance to the Pope).
Our Lady held up two fingers and She said - "Those in My Son's House now receive final Warning that they will not remove Our Vicar from the holy House of God, for to do so will set in motion the advent of the anti - pope into your house! You will not defile My Son in this manner!
"All Cardinals, all Bishops will stop wasting their words and get down on their knees now! Satan is among you, and his agents are multiplying in the holy House of God! Many are selling their souls for the temporary pleasures and riches of this world! Pray, My children, pray much for those who have fallen!

December 24, 1972
Christmas Eve


Veronica almost fainted with sheer shock from vision of what is to be.

December 30, 1972
New Year's Eve

Our Lady-"Jacinta warned you of the affairs of Rome. Now one remains to b.c. fulfilled, the secret of if heaven and earth. I have entrusted you with this already, and I have asked you to prepare yourself and those you love for this eventuality."

December 31, 1972
New Year's Eve

In a great circular shield of light Our Lady emerged, with Saint Michael - and two Angels - one angel was dressed in a beautiful green cape and he was holding a balance (scale) in his right hand. It is Gabriel - then Gabriel pointed over to the right side of the flagpole - and as he points a large "W" (letter) appeared in the sky. Jesus came forward then - placing his hand out - by the "W" - Jesus is writing


Now Jesus floated over to the side of Our Lady - by the flagpole - and Jacinta appeared also - with a little boy. Jacinta pulled the little boy's stocking - like hat off again - the little boy appears very shy. He appears smaller than Jacinta - Jacinta raised her hand - pointing over to the trees - the letters were forming in the sky again - WARNING. Jacinta then went behind Our Lady - and the billowing of Our Lady's gown in the breeze hid Jacinta from view. It is very windy. Our Lady was dressed in white with golden trim completely around her gown. The numbers 1 - 7 - 3 - 2 appeared in the sky. Our Lady said to count the numbers 1 - 7 - 3 - 2. And to remember 1 and 2 makes 3 in the Warning. And the rest my child you will learn from the Father - when the Father finds the time right. 1 and 2 makes 3 is Warning. (Our Lady said at present this will remain a puzzle for many - but (at the) when the time is right the full answer will be made known to you.) - (Veronica was not permitted to comment any further on the above statement.)

(Interpretation: The 1 and the 2 made 12 which is for the twelfth month of the year, December. The 73 in 1732 was for 1973. So the Warning was scheduled for December 1973. Also the 1 and 7 can be added together to make an 8 and along with the 2 you can get 28 which was the date that the Warning was to originally occur as shown in the December 29, 1973 message below.)

(The 1972 in "Jacinta 1972" can also be interpreted in the same manner. The 1 and the 2 in the 1972 make 12 which is for the twelfth month of the year, December. The 97 in 1972 was for 1997. So the Warning if it is to happen is scheduled for December 1997. Also the date can be found (as in the 1732 above) by adding the 1 and 7 together to make 8 and along with the 2 you can get 28.  So the date for the great Warning is December 28, 1997.)





February 10, 1973
Eve of Our Lady of Lourdes

St. Robert Bellarmine - "The Book is going into deep darkness also. The words will not be rewritten to suit man. The words of God will not be changed to pamper man on earth."

"There will be given many warnings before the Chastisement. One major Warning will be given soon to your country. The Chastisement and cleansing will come in two parts of the world. One will be in your side."

The Chastisement
Veronica - Oh, Our Lady's showing me a large globe. I can see the United States and Canada. And I can see South America. And also now Our Lady's pointing over to the left side of this globe. And there's Asia, Egypt, Africa. And then, oh! There is a terrible war. Many, many people are dying. Many, many people will die, Our Lady said. Many souls unprepared to come to the Kingdom.

Now Our Lady is pointing over...over on the right side there's a large globe. Now out in the sky I see...it's a ball...it looks like the sun, but, no, it's trailing...it's spinning very fast across the sky. And it has streamers of fire coming out from behind it. And it's twirling so fast. Oh, and the heat...it's very intense.

Now one of the tails has hit...oh! Oh! I see...I - I see cities now. There's a great fire. And all the lights...there's no electricity.. all the lights have gone out. And people are running and trying to find candles. But the air has become stagnant. And there seems to be no oxygen. And they can't light the candles. It's very, very dark.

The Punishment of New York
Now this ball, it's swinging...it seems to be...it's going very fast through the sky. And as it passes over, there are great particles of dust.

(Veronica coughs)
People standing out in it...they're...they...they can't breathe. It's choking. It's like dirt falling from the sky. Now...now there are large rocks. And.. and.. oh! Oh, some of them are falling upon the people. The buildings have.. some of the buildings have fallen, and the people are running away. But there's no place to run because now there's.. there's.. the waves have started to rise very, very high.

And oh, the waves are now ten.. twelve feet high, and they're pulling into the land! And I see now.. I see part of...oh! Oh! New York. Oh! Oh! Now the comet is swinging over. It's.. it's.. it's not just New York. It covers the whole land.

But I see now.. Our Lady now is pointing over to the right, and there's a map. And I see little dots of light. I see one, two, three...over on our side of the map, it looks like from New York down to Florida. I see one, two, three, four...it looks like eight or nine candles.

And then over towards the centre, there are about, maybe fifteen or twenty candles. And over, over on..looks.. from Washington down to Mexico. I see very few candles.. only.. only maybe about four. Now Our Lady's coming over. And now Our Lady says I am to listen, but not repeat.

April 21, 1973
Holy Saturday The Easter Vigil

The Warning
Veronica - (Veronica sees writing in the sky and spells out the letters.) J - A - C - I - N - T - A. Now they're fading out and there are numbers: 1 - 9 - 7 - 2 1 - 9 - 7 - 3. Now there's a large question mark, like this, next o the "3". Now that's fading out, like smoke being blown away. It was "Jacinta, 1972 - 1973", and then a large question mark.

The Warning to Mankind
...It's as though everything has exploded in the sky.. the flash! And it's very hot! It's very wa - a - a - arm!! Ohhh! Ohhh! It feels like a burning! Ohhh! Now the sky is very white! Colours, blues, purples! It's like a huge explosion. Now this voice...the voice! And the voice, Our Lady says, is a voice within you:
Our Lady - "Your Warning before Chastisement! Flash, fire, and the voice within you! The final Warning before Chastisement."

Our Lady - "...On the meadow is a very holy place...My beloved child.."
Veronica - Ohhh!
Our Lady - "..will see anew...beauty about him. There will come upon the world a glorious mystery. The Father is merciful to His children. He chastises those He loves."
"Many will see and yet not believe, crediting science for a phenomenon from the Father. Intellectual pride will be the downfall of many."
"The lilacs are in bloom. Gather the lilacs from the bush, and bring them to the shrine. For the present, My child, this will remain secret."

May 10, 1973
In Honour of the Queen ship of Our Lady

Our Lady-"The Father chooses to send upon you first a great manifestation, a Warning. And should you not listen to the voice within you, He will have no recourse but to go forth with the plan for full cleansing. My Son has given you His word; you have received one of the final warnings given to man."

"Therefore, you will count your days as days in which you will retire from the world that has been given to Satan. You will save your soul and the souls of those you love. It will mean great denial of your human instincts."

"The number, the number in the Chastisement who will be taken before their atonement and penance has sent - this knowledge has sent - a great knife through My heart. Many will leave unprepared, and therefore join the kingdom of Lucifer, the prince of darkness."

Retire Within Yourself
"The more, My children, you choose to go and live among men, the less you will feel yourself in union with the Father. You must retire within yourself. Gather your families about you in prayer."

"Your children must be protected against the world, your world of evil. Better that they starve their bodies than to starve their souls. The seeking of worldly gain has sent many souls into hell. The example being shown in the many homes is abominable. Many parents will pay a high price in the loss of the Kingdom for their lack of discipline and proper direction of the souls entrusted to them."

"Through the merciful love of the Father, you have the time, as you hear My warnings, to prepare yourself and those you love. Should you choose to ignore this, and listen to the scoffers and those who are the agents of hell in your world, you will have done this of your own free will. You will not be forced into the gate of Heaven; you will come of your own free will."

May 30, 1973
Eve of the Feat of the Ascension of Our Lord

Jesus - "My child, I give now three directives; penance, atonement, and make sacrifice now. Your world has gone into deep darkness. Should the Father permit a continuation of the present state of the world, Lucifer will gain count over the souls. Therefore, you are being given now at this time on your earth a Warning. Prepare yourselves with acts of sacrifice; and beg mercy of the Father that many are not taken during this Warning and the eventual Chastisement, which is not long in coming should you not mend your ways and return your earth to the state in which the Father planned to have it."

Veronica - Oh! Oh! Oh! Now Jesus is pointing over to the sky. And I see that ball again. It's.. it's.. it's turning very fast, and it seems to be coming through a vast space, and now as it's going through the sky, it's hitting.. it's hitting stars. It's hitting stars...I know they're stars. And many of them are falling down to the earth.. the stars. And it's bouncing. It doesn't seem to have even any path. It seems to be hitting back and forth! And there's another star.. oh! It's going to.. oh! Oh! Oh! I thought it was going to hit us. Oh - h - h! Now it's twirling. And now it's going back into space. It's becoming very small, the ball. It's very small, but it's very, very orange - looking. And I can still feel the heat. Now it's getting very dark. Now it seems very dark. And I can't see it now. Oh!"

June 16, 1973
Eve of Holy Trinity Sunday

Our Lady-"All who remain in the light will have no fear in the days ahead. They will find solace and refuge in My Son's Sacred Heart. Bring My Son into your homes and monuments and daily remembrance. You will find this a great rock in a world that will go into darkness. Your homes must become a fortress in the battle ahead."

Veronica - There is appearing a large.. a large arrow pointing up towards Heaven, a very large arrow; it's pointing to Heaven. And now the back of the arrow is trailing a long, long tail across the sky over to the right. And it's now, it's making a very large "W" ...the tail...in the sky: Warning!

Our Lady - "You must specify the plan of Heaven clearly. The Father waits for your penance. The scale must be balanced with goodness. The hour for your Warning grows near. The Father awaits your atonement. There will be no dates given. You will approach the days with hope that man will mend his ways in the eyes of his God." (pause)

July 1, 1973
Eve of the Feats of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Michael - "Listen well, my child, so you do not miss a most important message."

Veronica - Now he's pointing up to the sky, and written in the sky is the word, "WARNING. "W - A - R - N - I - N - G. Now he ..Michael is going like this, and the letters are disappearing. Now he's writing with his finger, S - O - O - N. Now he's taking his hand and pointing, and the letters now are just disappearing, evaporating. Oh - h h

Veronica - Oh, Jesus has raised His hand, and Our Lady is looking over. And Jesus now is pointing His hand up to they sky. And now over there on the left side by the...oh, by the flagpole. Jesus says:

Jesus - "Watch, and guide your life by these words."

Veronica - "WARNING." W - A - R - N - I - N - G. "PREPARE NOW. CLEANSE YOUR SOULS OF ALL SIN, MORTAL AND VENIAL." And then I see all the words are just floating away like they were made of smoke. And now there's a big word "NOW" N - O - W. And it's and Jesus now is taking His hand, and He's going like this, and He's underlining the word "NOW", like this. He's put a whole line across the word "NOW." Now it's all beginning to, like, evaporate.

July 15, 1973
Eve of the Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel

The Warning: The Beginning of Sorrows
Our Lady-"I come to earth from Heaven. I have roamed your world in tears. It truly now rains teardrops from Heaven. With the coming of the Warning to mankind, pray and pray much, for it is the beginning of the terrible sorrows."

July 25, 1973
Eve of Saint Anne and in Honour of Saint Joachim

Our Lady-"Many warnings have been given throughout your earth for many earth years. You are receiving your final Warning. The Father plans to cleanse the earth gradually until it is returned to the original plan of Heaven. All who have listened to My words will be prepared."

September 28, 1973
Eve of the Feast of St. Michael

Veronica-"Jacinta's prophecy before she passed on-she's one of the children of Fatima-and that is the secret of Heaven and the secret of earth: the Warning.**"

**In light of further developments since, it could perhaps pertain to the Miracle as well.

October 2, 1973
Feast of the Guardian Angels and
Eve of Saint Theresa of the Child Jesus

Our Lady --"The spirit of evil roams throughout your country and the world. Soon there will be sent upon you a great Warning. Take heed and recognize the hand of the Father upon you. Should you turn your backs upon this Warning, you will receive in due time the great Chastisement."

October 6, 1973
Eve of Our Lady of the Rosary

>Billions Will Be Lost
Our Lady- "Man will now make complete atonement to the Father, or he will receive his recompense by a major Warning to mankind, and should this go unheeded, a great Chastisement. In this Chastisement, My children, billions will be lost. Many lives will be lost."

November 1, 1973
All Saints' Day and Eve of All Souls' Day

Veronica - This is Veronica. I have prayed for the direction of Heaven, and due to the urgency of the coming Warning and Chastisement, I must continue ahead with the Message of Heaven to the world. The vigils cannot be stopped at the Shrine. The prayers of atonement must not be stopped. It is the will of God.
Our Lady - "My child, the test has come..." (pause)
Veronica - Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death. Amen. (pause)

Our Lady - "The forces of evil have gathered to stop the good work. However, My child, you do not have to be affrighted, for We have prepared you for this moment.
"The Message from Heaven will go throughout the world inn the short time left for man. Penance, atonement, and sacrifice."
"I have gone throughout the world shedding tears for a degenerative generation. My child, the Father now deems it necessary to send upon you an intervention from Heaven."

Our Lady's Message is at this point interrupted by the arrival of the members of the local parish authorities.
A letter from Monsignor James P. King to Father Powell is read by Father Powell, which states that they, the local clergy, have "reviewed all the information regarding these vigils, and can only conclude that no supernatural significance can be attached." Therefore, they must discourage these meetings; that henceforth "the Church property is out of bounds for devotional use."

After the reading of the letter, the Church officials left the grounds without allowing the seer, Veronica to make a public defence of the prayer vigils.
Veronica then proceeded to give an explanation why the vigils were held and must continue to be held.

Veronica - I've been speaking here with Our Lady in my heart. Our Lady says, should we have been approached in truth and justice, then I would have been subjugated to obedience. But since I was approached by an agent of Satan, I do not have to follow him.

Therefore, the prayers will continue for those who have the strength to stand up and be counted. It is too late now to be judged by personal opinion. It is too late now to accede to the masters who wish to destroy the souls and render them to Satan. Therefore, you do not have to follow the road to hell. Cast off those, Our Lady said, and consult your Bible, for in the end days there will come among you false teachers, one who lives with pride and arrogance, using their rank to lead down the road to hell others.

November 24, 1973
Eve Of The Feast Of Christ The King

In a cave so deep and wide
Your flying saucers seek to hide
Sent up through space confusion to found.
Your earth is now clothed all around
with spirits of darkness who travel by night.
But do not be frightened; pray for their flight.

Our Lady-"The Father plans a great Warning to mankind. It is not in the plan of the Father to bring fear upon mankind, but the Father will chastise those He loves."
"When those who represent My Son in His House understand your mission upon earth as a voice - box for Heaven, the full recovery of souls before the cleansing will be accomplished. It is with sorrow of heart that I must make it known to you that many will die in the great flame of the Ball of Redemption. Those counted to be saved are in the few."

St. Paul - "Repeat, my child, this word to mankind. There is now upon your earth loosed the demons from the abyss. It is the test of your times. Each soul will be tested like the metal in the fires, and those who come through these times of trial without bending shall be given the key to the Kingdom."

Our Lady-"All of the trials of the past set upon earth have passed unnoticed as coming from the Father. Therefore, the Father plans to awaken mankind and those who have fallen asleep in His House by a great Warning. And should this not be instrumental in the recovery of more souls to Heaven, then the Chastisement will not be long in coming."

December 7, 1973
Eve Of The Feast Of The Immaculate Conception

Our Lady-"I have been much saddened, My child, at the reception of My warnings to many. They have closed their ears and their hearts to My pleas. How sad will be their awakening. The Father has His hand poised to send upon you a just Warning and Chastisement. All those who have remained of well spirit will have nothing to fear. They will go through this Warning and Chastisement without heavy incident."

Jesus - "My child, listen carefully for I have a great message for mankind. The Father has deemed it necessary to send upon the world a Warning, a Warning of great magnitude. This Warning will be meted in the extent of the sin of man and the offences committed to the Father and the heart of My Blessed Mother. Therefore, My Mother has been allowed to intercede for you that you may be prepared for the coming Warning."

"Wear your sacramental, and retire now into a life of prayer and self-sacrifice. This will please the Father much and mitigate much of a Warning to you."

December 24, 1973
Christmas Eve

Our Lady-"The Warning which will be sent upon man must be effective; and in the mercy of the Father, a great spectacle will then be placed in the sky for all to see. However, the agents of hell will try to prove--disprove the hand of the Father in this Miracle.

"You must cleanse your souls of all sin, mortal and venial. Come to My Son in belief. Believe what you see at Garabandal, and turn back from your ways that have been created by Satan. Return to the Father; do penance and atonement, for your chastisement will soon follow upon the great spectacle."

December 29, 1973
Eve Of The Feast Of The Holy Family

Veronica announced to the pilgrims attending the vigil that night that the Warning from the Father planned to be set upon the world on December 28, 1973, had been delayed. Man had been granted an extension of time due to the number of victim souls, and the major instrument for the reprieve was the sending of Vers Demain (a lay group in Canada that promoted the Bayside Message from 1973 to 1977) by Our Lady to help reach as many souls as possible."
Our Lady - "You spoke well, My child.... of My children from the House of St. Michael. You see, We do have a plan for saving your country. This surprises you, My child, much. As I have told you in the past, the Father has a plan for everything. You will not concern yourselves of the future but live each day now to the fullest, consecrating yourself and your family to the Sacred Heart of My Son."
The Second Coming
"All who remain of well spirit will have no fear but will go through these days of trial with great hope and rejoice in the Second Coming of My Son."
The Warning Delayed
Our Lady - "The Warning which is yet to come upon your city and the world has been delayed. However, the murders in your city have not ceased. The murders of the unborn must cease now or your city will fall. All who have even a small measure of participation in the slaughter of the holy innocents shall be burned in the abyss."





March 24, 1974
Eve of the Feast of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

"The Warning that will come upon man and the great Chastisement will be soon upon you. It is in the merciful Heart of the Father that your time has been extended, a time to make amendment of your lives, cleanse your souls of all sin, mortal and venial. Pray much; sacrifice your senses."

April 13th, 1974
Holy Saturday The Eve of Easter Sunday

Our Lady - "Now, My child, I will give one secret unknown to many, but you must make it known to mankind. This man of deception shall try to follow My Son. He will convince many that he is the Messiah. You must make it known now that the Messiah will not come unless He comes down with the legions of angels from the Heavens, as He ascended. Repeat anew, My child, this false messiah shall not be accepted upon earth. My Son, Jesus, is the only Messiah. He has already come to your earth, but He will return. But He will come down from the Heavens as He ascended with the legions of saints, those who have washed themselves clean with the Blood of the Lamb."

"Now, My children, you are going through the time of test and trials. All that is rotten will fall. The sheep will be separated from the goats. There will come upon mankind in due time, a great Warning...a great Warning of magnitude beyond human comprehension. And then, should you not change your ways, there will come upon mankind one of the greatest chastisements ever seen before nor ever shall be seen again. Skin will dry up and blow off the bones as though it had never been. Many eyes will see and yet not perceive the truth, so much have they blinded themselves to the truth of the light, turning away from their God and giving themselves to the morals of a world that has now turned to Satan."

June 8, 1974
Eve of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Jacinta-"It is true that I gave a final message [to Mother Godinho], but I, too, could not give the date-only to warn the world that a great Warning would come to mankind. It would be a great cataclysm Warning and then there would be a great Miracle. And after that, if nothing changes and man continues to offend the Father, He would have to start this terrible terrible trial. For there will be a great War and there will be a great, terrible Chastisement."

June 15th, 1974
Eve of the Solemnity of the Holy Sacrament

A Great War
Our Lady - "My child, persevere to the end. Have no fear of the days ahead, for with My Rosary and this - the Scapular - We shall crush the head of Satan."
"There will be a great war. Many will be lost to Us, as they have not prepared themselves for this great war. Many have not recognized the signs of their times, being too involved, My child, with the pleasures of their world. Their search for riches that will rust and rot have taken them away from their search for eternal life."

"The chastisement which will be sent upon mankind will be, My child, a great ball of fire."
Veronica - Oh! now Our Lady is pointing up to the sky, it's becoming very dark, and I can see it - oh! oh! (she coughs) oh! it's so hot! I see a great - Oh! huge ball - it's hurling through the sky and it's shooting out particles of colour - but there is an awful fog, it's a tremendous fog of dust. And now it's travelling at a great speed and I see now: a piece of it has broken away, and it's coming down - ah! a piece of it now fell into a ... it's looking like a huge body of water, and Oh! the water is just steaming and it's turning up. Oh! it must be awfully large because the water is rising. And I see now people running through the streets and they're screaming. They seem to be running aimlessly, they don't know where to hide or run. It's very frightening. Mother! Oh!"

Now, it's growing light. It's very frightening. Our Lady now is coming forward.
Our Lady - "My child, I know of your great fear. I cannot avoid allowing you to see the great catastrophe, the great destruction that will be sent upon mankind. Shout, My child, from the roof - tops! Do not slacken in your mission. Know that the strength will be given to you to go forward. We are sending many arms to help you. Courage, My child, there is no man on earth that you need fear, for you will be guided by the Father in Heaven. He has a plan for each life set upon earth."

"We have asked you, My child, to join with other voice - boxes throughout the world in spreading this message from Heaven: the time grows short! Years or months, My child, what difference is it that We give you the date? It is only important that you be ready, for I can assure you, My children, that the great Warning will come upon you at a time you least expect. And then, a prodigy of great proportion - in the merciful heart of the Father you will receive a great light from Heaven. Many in the world will reject this miracle, for they have joined the forces of Hell set to stand and squash, My child, every feat of the supernatural sent by the Father to bring mankind back unto the road to the Kingdom."

"And after this, if mankind does not repent and change his ways, there will be sent upon him the great destruction in two parts: the great war, that will take from your earth one third of mankind; and then, the Ball of Redemption - the second third! And what is left, My child, O sorrow of great sorrows! What is left though, shall be in the few, but they will join My Son in rising up in glorious triumph to rebuild the Kingdom of Heaven upon earth."
"We are raising up at this time many disciples, many apostles of the latter days. They will stand in great trial upon earth, but like the voices in the wilderness, in the darkness, they will go forward carrying the light, searching with their candles through the darkness for the recovery of their brothers and sisters. From these hallowed grounds chosen by the Father, there will be given for the edification of mankind and the propagation of the mission of recovery of souls, many cures and conversions."

August 5th, 1974
Eve of the Transfiguration Of Our Lord

Our Lady-"There are many false teachers among you, My children. You have the Faith - you must keep the truth in your hearts. The Book of Life has been changed to suit the basic carnal nature of mankind. You must not read the new Book of Life recently published. You will search through your stores and recover the truth in writings - this must be before the year 1964 in your earth years."
"The enemies of God entered into the Houses of My Son many earth years ago. Their plan has been insidious and with much cunning they came forward, coming into the highest places in power within the Houses of My Son. In this manner, My children, they have been able to mislead, misguide and set many souls onto the road to destruction of their eternal souls. We place a great responsibility upon all parents to bring the truth to their children."

August 14th, 1974
Eve of the Assumption

"You ask, My child, again, about the Ball of Redemption, Yes, the Ball is out there, My child, in your atmosphere. There will be a great Warning, there will be phenomenon of great magnitude, and there will be a great chastisement. All must come about. However, mankind holds the balance for the coming events.
"Your world will soon be engrossed in a major catastrophe such as has never been seen by mankind before - a war so great that none shall escape the effects of this great catastrophe."

September 28, 1974
Eve of St. Michael the Archangel

Our Lady-"It is from the merciful heart of the Father that you will receive a great Warning. Man will fed that the very powers of the elements have shaken the very foundations of his being, so great will be the impact of this Warning from the Father."

November 1, 1974
All Saints' Day And Eve Of All Souls' Day

"None will cast aside this chance to be saved, unless he does this with full knowledge and of his free will. All will be given the word, the interior Warning, before the coming great Chastisement of the ball of fire!"

November 20, 1974
Eve Of The Presentation Of Mary

"The words of truth will go throughout the world and then, My child, will come the end of your era as you know it. You will unite with all who have been given the light to join the forces from Heaven in fighting this final battle upon your earth, the duration of which will depend, My children, on the balance which leans far to the left at the present time. The Father is most patient, but the Warning approaches."

"Look, My child, now, straight up."
Veronica - Oh!
The flash! Get ready - the flash!
Our Lady - "All workers must unite into a solid front to bring about the triumph of My Son. We are not pleased with the dissension in the ranks of Our workers. The arms I spoke of to you formerly. My child, are the workers throughout your world. We do not like to see the separation among these groups - separations set in by satan.
"Many arms will be sent in the battle ahead. You ask, My child, about the establishment of another community. You will be directed properly in the future. Have patience, My child. It will appear before your very eyes. One step at a time."

Veronica - Our Lady refers to the establishment of an Order.
Our Lady - "This Order will be founded on basic Tradition. This Order will gather those of true spirit. This Order will be composed of both men and women, and a cloistered convent. The means will be sent to you all by the Father. It will be a refuge in the time of trial for many. This refuge will be located, My child, in your country, the United States."

December 24, 1974
Eve Of The Nativity Of Jesus, Christmas Eve

Jesus - "My child, you must hasten and not slacken in your mission to bring the words of My Mother to the children of earth. The hourglass is emptying fast. The sands of time are running out. Time, time and a half is upon you. There will come upon your earth a great Warning. It will be a most profound Warning to mankind. If this goes unheeded, you will be baptized by a ball of fire. Your world, the souls of the Father are wallowing in their sins. Sin has become a way of life. You will hasten now and hearken to My words. If you refuse this chance, the time given for your repatriation by the Father, there will be no recourse but to set and cleanse the world with fire. A great War is progressing to explode upon your world when you will expect it the least. Your world cries peace, peace, love, when there is no peace; love, when the meaning of love is no longer known."





April 5, 1975
Good Friday

Our Lady-"Know that a great Warning will be sent upon mankind. All who remain in the light of grace will have no fear. The will pass through this great Warning without suffering. I cannot promise you that none will die in this great Warning, My child, for there will be death. Prepare now for this is just a small measure, My children, of what you will have soon."
No Third Reprieve
"The merciful heart of the Eternal Father has given you two reprieves in the past, My children. The third reprieve shall not be given. Know, My child, that the Warning will come upon you soon."
Jesus-"Know that the graces are counted for the coming Warning and Chastisement. Layman and clergy shall stand before the Father in judgment."

August 5, 1975
Eve of the Transfiguration of Our Lord

Our Lady-"Soon, very soon, My children, a great Warning will be sent to mankind! How many of you shall take note of this Warning, that it has come from the Eternal Father from His Merciful Heart to give you time to prepare."

September 6, 1975
Eve of the Nativity of Mary

Jesus - "My child, much has been given to you in knowledge. The Eternal Father has set a measure. 'Measure for Measure' shall the "world" reap the whirlwind."
"There shall come upon Mankind a chastisement of tremendous magnitude, A chastisement that has never been seen, nor will it ever be seen again by the eyes of man. In the Mercy of the Eternal Father, there will be given to you a Warning - a visual warning and, then if mankind sets himself against the Eternal Father - choosing to continue in his life of sin, he will receive a just judgment from the Eternal Father and he will cleansed of his sin by a Baptism of Fire - the Ball of Redemption - spoken of by My Mother - is on it's way! Measure for Measure, your days are counted. Pray a constant vigilance of prayer."

September 13, 1975
Exaltation of the Holy Cross and Our Lady of Sorrows

Our Lady-"I am truly the Mother of great sorrow. I have come to you as a Mediator in these latter days. I repeat for you now the words of My Son: 'This, My child, is what will be: In darkness, will they seek the way? In darkness, My child, will they seek the way?"

Ball of Supernatural Origin
"There is in your atmosphere of earth a Ball of Redemption hurrying to earth. It is of supernatural origin. Those who have cast aside the knowledge of the supernatural shall not be given the grace to observe the coming Chastisement! When it enters upon your atmosphere, hearts shall be gripped with fear! Many shall run to hide themselves, recognizing the wrath of their Lord."
"The Ball of Redemption shall pass through your land and your world in a sheath of fire! Many shall die in the great flame of the Ball of Redemption. As in the time of Noah, so shall it be upon your earth a Chastisement far greater than any chastisement sent upon mankind! This Chastisement, My children, is being gauged, measured and held in abeyance for the proper moment in the knowledge of Heaven, the moment deemed by the Eternal Father for the cleansing of mankind."

"The leaders of your country and the leaders throughout the world have taken upon themselves a measure of sin creating insanity!"
"In the light of the Spirit descending from Heaven, you shall be given the knowledge of truth, My children. Accept it and take it as your candle for you must now go throughout your world saving your brothers, preparing them for what lies ahead."
"The great Warning promised to mankind is soon coming upon you. If this is not accepted as coming from the Eternal Father, you will bow your heads in sorrow with the loss of your Holy Father, Pope Paul VI, and then shall descend the hand upon you."

December 6, 1975
Vigil of the Immaculate Conception

Our Lady-"The children must be guided by the family. The Truth, the Faith, the Tradition, must be instilled in their hearts by the mothers and fathers of a family. Do not expect your children to go beyond your doors and be instructed in truth, for the world has been given to Satan. Many who should be showing a firm example, have gone the easy way of the flesh, for they care more for the treasures and glory of this world earth - than what the future has for them."
"Hell is open wide, the abyss is filling continuously with souls that have fallen into darkness. Will you not rescue them, My children, with your acts of sacrifice and prayer?"

"The Message from Heaven is growing and growing, My children. There is great hope in Our Heart that We can put off for a time the great Chastisement."
"The Warning as promised will soon be given to mankind. Many will see and still not believe for their hearts are hardened. They have closed their ears to the voice of truth. Pray, My children, a constant vigilance of prayer. Save yourselves in the Sacred Heart of My Son, present in all the Tabernacles throughout the world."





January 31, 1976
Vigil in Honour of the Presentation of Our Lord

The Rapture
Jesus- "Man shall be working out in the field. One shall be taken. Man shall say, "Where has he gone? He has disappeared without warning.' A woman shall work at the spindle...two at the spindle. One shall be taken, and where has she gone? The mystery unfolds. It is in the plan of the Eternal Father that many shall be taken from among you. The mystery shall be found man."
"I promise in those days that those who remain shall meet with Me to establish My Kingdom of peace and joy upon your earth."

One With Powers of Satan
"I warn you now: beware and watch, for one will come among you with the powers of Satan. Know that he shall say to you, 'I am out in the field. Come to me'. But you shall not go. Others will say to you: "Go! I have seen him. He is yonder, over beyond the building." You will say: 'No. I have not seen him.' For I shall come to you in the like manner in which I ascended. I shall descend with a roar of triumph from the multitudes of Heaven. We shall come in great victory. We come out of necessity, for if We do not come, no flesh shall remain upon your earth."

"I cannot promise in that conflagration that some shall not suffer, that good shall die with the evil ones. But know that no death upon earth shall go by without a just reward when this death is in martyrdom."
"I cannot promise any of you a life of fulfilment upon your earth, for this you shall receive from Satan. He now...this prince of darkness, the adversary, controls all of your world. It has been given to him but for a short time."

"For you who have the knowledge, recognize the signs of your times. 666 is upon mankind! It is the closing of your era. It hastens with great speed upon you, because you have refused the grace given to you to turn back and do penance and restore My House."

"Before the Chastisement, My Mother's words will have reached throughout the world, and the sheep will have been separated from the goats. All that is rotten shall fall. My House kept in darkness shall fall! It shall be cleansed!"
"Shall you, as pastors, stand before Me and say that your teaching has been pure in My sight? I shall spit you out as venom into the flames!"
"I repeat: you will now keep a constant vigilance of prayer. Insanity; sin is insanity! Sin has become a way of life. Murders abound. Charity of heart? Very little shines now upon your earth. Light of spirit? Souls going into darkness of spirit!"

"Sodom! Your earth is in far great of evil than even in the time of Sodom. The sin of Sodom is being now committed in a more sophisticated manner of defilement. Defiled man now enters upon My Church."
As A Thief In The Night
"You will, as pastors, awaken from your slumber. The fathers have fallen asleep. You who mock, you who say, 'Where is His coming?' - I shall come to you. Without your knowing, I shall slip in upon you like a thief in the night (The Warning?, ed.). I shall speak to you in the language that you will understand - as a thief in the night!"

"I hear the voices of mockers who say. 'Is this a message of scare and fright?' I hear the mockers of My Mother's words who say We have promoted a new theology, a scare theology!"
"This fright We are accused of, shall they experience it when there is no return?"
"Amen, amen, I say to you, all that has been written in the Book of Life must come to pass. For you who have been given the grace, you will read your Apocalypse. You are coming to the end. Read and become knowledgeable."

"The Eternal Father sends you this message of mercy, for he who falls will have done this of his own free will. For he who shall not be counted among those saved...and only a few shall be saved...shall have gone upon this path of his own free will."

May 26, 1976
Eve of the Ascension of Our Lord

Our Lady-"There will be a great War; there will be a great Chastisement; and of course, My children, there will be a Warning, a great Warning given to mankind. But how many shall recognize this also?"

June 12, 1976
Eve of the Feast of the Holy Trinity

Our Lady-"A great delusion has entered upon mankind. The forces of six - sixty - six are gathering. They are in your country and in every major country in your world now."
"Remember, My children, do not waste your time looking for one individual man. The man of perdition spoken and written of in the past is a general term. It is not one man, but it is a massing of the spirits. You are truly now engaged in a great war of the spirits. It is a war far more deadly than human promotes. It is a war that will claim the souls."

Mr. Six - Sixty - Six - A General Term
"My children, recognize the evil about you. Mr. six - sixty - six, the man of perdition, a general term, My children, I repeat, they are the forces of evil now that are working towards the elimination of the knowledge of the existence of your God. My Son's House, His Church, is under great attack by Satan. Hell and the forces of hell are loosed upon earth, but they shall not prevail against My Son's Church."
"Pastors in My Son's Church. I come to warn you that you are being misled. Those who have the greatest power have now lost the Faith."

"My children, you must pray more, do much penance, for the Warning is coming upon mankind."
The Sky Shall Roll Back
"There will be a tremendous explosion, and the sky shall roll back like a scroll. This force shall go within the very core of the human. He will understand his offences to his God. However, this Warning will be of short duration, and many shall continue upon their road to perdition, so hard are the hearts hardened now, My child."
"A great Miracle shall take place. Scientists will seek to rationalize this Miracle."
"We battle, My children, the very forces of hell let loose now. All hell is raging, for Satan knows that his time is growing short."
"Do not, My child, concern yourselves, yourself or your brothers and sisters in My Mission to reach mankind, do not concern yourselves with public opinion, for you will waste valuable time. Go forward with perseverance, endurance, and fortitude. Go forward and gather Our straying sheep."
"Your Holy Father in Rome, the traitors gather about him. A red cardinal has now set himself to rule."

"The Rabat is the teacher of life, but woe to those who choose to foul their garments!
"Your country, My child, My children, and many countries throughout your world have given themselves to debasement and all practices of evil. There shall be set upon the world much sorrow, much trial, with gnashing of teeth."
"Many minor warnings, My child, have been given to mankind, but they do go by unnoticed. In your human nature, many shall not listen until it is too late. Why must you receive the sword before you will listen? Wars are a punishment for man's sins! "Many shall die in the great flame of the Ball of Redemption. The miracle you seek, My child, shall be a great Warning to mankind."
"The world is passing through a great crucible of suffering. As time progresses faster and faster and the hourglass runs faster and faster, My children, you will see your world progress into a form of total madness, for sin, My child, is surely insanity. Sin has become a way of life in your country and many countries, I should say, My child, most nations throughout your world now have accepted the rule of Satan. Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth! When the world and My Son's Church becomes as one, know that the end is near and at hand."
"In these days, My children, the signs of the times come fast upon you. There will be no charity of heart; selfishness shall abound. There will be little light of piety. Morality - the word shall not be accepted. Sin has become a way of life."
"I shall never, My children, grow tired; My voice shall continue to reach mankind until the great baptism of fire. O ye of wicked intent, who will seek to destroy Our voice - boxes, know that you may destroy, but others shall follow. The word of God shall go throughout your world, and all will have received fair warning, and then shall come the sword."

High Waves Taking With Them Cities
"There will be tremendously high waves roaring and taking with them cities; buildings shall disappear from their moorings. The atmosphere shall spew forth currents of great heat. A darkness of spirit and a darkness of atmosphere shall settle in a deadly quiet upon mankind."
Beware Of The Sunrise!
"As the day follows night, so shall this Warning follow soon. Beware of the sunrise! Do not look up to the sky - the flash! Beware of the sunrise! Do not look up to the sky - the flash! Close your windows; draw your shades, remain inside. Do not venture outside your door, or you will not return. Pray! Prostrate yourselves upon your floors! Pray with arms outstretched and beg for mercy of your God the Father."

"Do not seek to receive your animals into your homes, for the animals of those who have remained of well spirit will be taken care of."
"O My children, how many will try to go back and restore their homes when it is too late!"
"Keep blessed candles, water, blankets, food within your homes. The candles of those who have remained in the state of grace shall not be extinguished, but the candles in the homes of those who have given themselves to Satan shall not burn! Amen I say to you: as night follows day, a great darkness shall descend upon mankind."

June 24, 1976
Eve of the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Our Lady - "My child, you must strive to be as perfect as the Eternal Father created you to be. This perfection is for strengthening your eternal soul. The perfection that you seek, My children, is in the spiritual realm."
"O My children, I have come to you as a Mediator from your God. I bring to you a warning from Heaven. There shall be sent upon you a great Warning and if this Warning is not heeded, you shall receive the Ball of Redemption."

July 15, 1976
Vigil In Honour of Our Lady of Mount Carmel

Jesus-"There is now in the city of Rome a conspiracy of evil to remove your Vicar from the seat of Peter. The forces, the red forces are gathering. Pray a constant vigilance of prayer. When the upheaval in Rome takes place, My children, know that the end of your era is at hand."

"Your country, the United States, is standing now, has placed itself upon a brink, a road to disaster. Much will depend upon your free will of exercising the power to place in your government men of God or men of dark secrets. Pray for your government and your leaders; pray that you choose wisely, for your country will be in chaos."
"My children, My Mother has cautioned you of the days ahead. I do not have to enlarge upon Her direction. Keep a constant vigilance of prayer throughout your country and the world. You must be persevering and diligent. There are many armies of Satan now throughout your world. The Eternal Father plans the strategy to combat this evil. However, man holds his destiny by his actions."

"The Ball of Redemption, the direction for the Chastisement, is with the Eternal Father. Be prepared at all times, for the approaching Warning. All who are of well spirit will have nothing to fear; they will go through these times with great fortitude i the knowledge that the eventual victory is with Heaven."
"All parents hold the measure of responsibility for the salvation of their children's souls. Do no expect others to save your children. You must retain the Faith in their hearts through your homes and your family unity. Satan has sown discord within the family circles. It will be a struggle in the days ahead to keep your children from falling into the web of evil that is slowly ensnaring the world. Satan is weaving his web of evil like the black widow."

Pastor Shall Flee In Terror
Jesus- "Unless you pray more for your bishops, there will be chaos in Rome: bishop against bishop, cardinal against cardinal, while Satan stands in the midst of them. Blood shall flow in the streets of Rome. Your Pastor, the leader of your sheep, shall flee in terror."

September 14, 1976
The Triumph Of The Cross And Eve Of Our Lady Of Sorrows

When You See The Holy Father Fleeing ...
Jesus-"My child, you speculate much about the coming Warning. I have asked you many times not to speculate on dates, but I give you one indication that the time is ripe. When you see, when you hear, when you feel the revolution in Rome, when you see the Holy Father fleeing, seeking a refuge in another land, know that the time is ripe. But beg and plead that your good Pontiff does not leave Rome, for he will allow the man of dark secrets to capture his throne."

"There is in your world today a spirit of evil loosed upon mankind. All manners of filth and abomination are spewed upon mankind. The man of dark secrets, Mr. 666, the agent of hell, the forces of evil are now among you. Many minds are being poisoned by Satan, My children. Recognize the faces of evil about you. Do not fall prey to all manner of experimentation, to modernism and humanism, for it follows close upon Satanism."

Skin Will Dry Up
"Many leaders who wear the red hats, My children - pray for them, for many have fallen to Satan. I say unto you, as your God: Turn back, Red Hats, for you, too, shall meet the fires of hell. The Red Hat has fallen, and the Purple Hat is being misled. Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth! Houses will blow in the wind, and skin will dry up and blow off the bones as if it had never been! Eyes will see and still not believe, so great is the power of Satan now upon mankind."

December 7, 1976
Eve Of The Feast Of The Immaculate Conception

Using Rank To Destroy Souls
Jesus-"The world, the peoples of earth, My children, are in great darkness of spirit. Were this darkness to reach only the lay peoples, there would be not that much concern, My children but now My heart is torn to watch as those dedicated go deeper into darkness. It is a scale that is graduating through leadership. the evil is accelerating. Satan is poisoning the minds of many. Those in leadership, who should know better, are now using their rank to destroy souls. The measure of iniquity is the gauge, the scale, for the coming Warning and Chastisement."




August 13, 1977
Vigil Of The Feast Of The Assumption

Veronica - Michael is coming forward, and He's raising this balance in his right hand. Now he is touching his lips. The spear has disappeared. He is touching His lips with the balance, like this."

Michael - "Repeat after me, my child.
(Michael chants the following words:) "O man of earth, you have been judged and shall be sent with a final Warning. Blood shall flow. Parents shall cry. There shall be evil beyond anything seen upon earth."

October 6, 1977
Eve Of The Feast Of Our Lady Of The Rosary

Our Lady-"My Son is being - His Body is being defiled by man. And do you think this shall be permitted for long? I assure you, My children, you are coming to the closing era of your world."

"Man, in his arrogance and his search for knowledge, tries to create a new life for man. And what is he doing but paving the road to his own end, his destruction! There will be soon a great war, a war in which the flesh shall be burned off the bones of man. And after this war very few shall be left upon earth. In My past counsel to you, how many have listened? Too few have acted upon My counsel, and now you shall reap what you have sown.
"My children, there shall be set upon mankind a major disaster. One more world - wide Warning shall be given, and then the major disaster of the Ball of Redemption."

December 31, 1977
New Year's Eve

Our Lady-"My children, your earth has evolved now into a state of immorality and sin far worse than it was in the time of Noah. What can I say further to you, My children, but to counsel you and warn you that the Eternal Father is making ready a great trial for mankind. The heavens shall explode and roll back as a sheet. Hearts shall stop in fear of what is to come upon mankind. This coming Warning, My children, is minor in comparison to the Chastisement, the great Chastisement that shall then follow."

Secret Societies Are All Under The Direction Of Satan
Jesus- "There are secret societies now upon earth. They are all under the direction of satan. I command you as the Eternal Father commands you, and the Spirit of Light, I command you as your God that you shall not worship false idols and gods, such as gods of nature. I command you as your God to rid those who create the evil and the destruction of souls, to rid them from My House, My Church. All that is rotten will fall."
"You leaders who carry My mark upon you as high priests in My House upon earth, you have fallen asleep. You have become, many, corrupters of souls. You have cast aside your mission as representatives of your God. You have given yourselves to the world, becoming sensual, prideful, arrogant and faithless! When I return shall I find even a flicker of faith in your hearts!"
"The vocations are nil, and why? Because the example is rotten! Tradition has been cast aside for modernism and humanism."

"The present leaders of My Church in the city of Rome, in your arrogance you have set up My Church without honour, without holiness! In the name of peace and brotherhood, you have whittled away the foundation. I am the foundation! You must now rebuild My Church, for a church in darkness wears a band of death about it. I say unto you; it is better that there are few with quality than quantity with nothingness."
"The Red Hats have fallen and the Purple Hats are being misled. I say unto you, that Satan has entered into the Holy City of Rome."

"You have been warned in the past by the descendants of Peter to guard My Church from humanism, modernism and Satanism. When the world and My Church become as one, know that the end is at hand. Many of the descendants of Peter, men of knowledge and piety, gave you the reasons for shunning modernism and liberal attitudes. Many of those wearing the Red Hats have sold their souls to Satan to get to the head."
"There are now demons, doctrines of demons now spread throughout My House, corrupters of souls. You call the truth, the supernatural, the existence of My prophets of myths!"

"My children, recognize the forces of evil among you. You have no man that can save you when you come over the veil. You will stand before Me and I shall give you your just deserts."
As Spittle Into The Fires Of The Abyss
"Shall you stand before Me, O priests in My House, and say that your teaching has been pure in My sight? I shall cast you away as vermin, and I shall put you as spittle into the fires of the abyss where you belong! For you have prostituted My Church!"

Now You Bring The Church Of Satan Within My Portals
"For gold and silver anew you sell Me out, I say unto you, your father is Satan! You are liars! You are murderers! And now you bring the church of Satan within My portals! Worshipers of evil! Lovers of false gods!"
"My children, you are fast approaching a great Warning and Chastisement. Prepare your homes well. Prepare the souls of your children; many shall be removed to save them."
"There will be many bitter tears and gnashing of teeth because of the woe set upon the earth by the evil one. Satan, the master of deceit, the corrupter of souls, now walks the earth. Lucifer and his legions of hell are loosed upon earth."

"I repeat as My Mother counselled you: in the past there were agents from hell upon earth, but Lucifer had been chained and now he is loosed!"
"You cannot understand the plan from the beginning of your existence. It must all come to pass. The pages of your Bible must turn, but they are fast turning because man does nothing to stop them."
"The Apocalypse is upon you. You must read the writings of John. Then you will understand. No man shall fall into hell unless he wills it."





February 10, 1978
Eve Of The Feast Of Our Lady Of Lourdes

Jesus-"The Warning will soon come upon you. Shall you then awaken from your slumber, and turn from your present road of destruction? Can you not understand the counsel from My Mother? Can you not give yourselves over to lives of piety and usefulness to man without falling into a delusion based on humanism and modernism in the ways of man?"


May 30, 1978
Eve Of The Visitation Of The Blessed Virgin Mary

The Church Shall Be Directed For A Short Time By Satan
Our Lady-"The Church of My Son, that is being stripped of all holiness, shall emerge with the world and the world's leaders, to be directed for a short time by Satan."

"Your world shall soon be visited by a baptism of fire. Is this what you want? You shall not escape this baptism of fire, for sin is insanity, and one insane mind shall plunge you into a bloodbath and a destruction by fire."

"I shall not spend precious moments of prayer now repeating My counsel to you: prayer, penance and atonement for all mankind now. The few have held back the Warning; the few have gained time for many more to turn back and be saved. And I repeat to you, My children, the sad truth that only a few shall be saved in the final count - only a few!"


June 18, 1978
Eighth Anniversary Of Our Lady's Apparitions At Bayside

The Lawmakers Become Lax
Veronica - As Our Lady talked She gave me a great insight into many of the atrocities being committed in our country. Our Lady did say that the blasphemies have increased. Satanism is rampant in the United States, the worship of Satan, and that even the lawmakers in the government of our country become lax, neither caring nor making any effort to stop this flood of filth and perversion that is going to cost the United States a great chastisement from God."

Our Lady says, on this great day of rejoicing, Her eighth year of appearances in the United States, that She came with a tired and sorrowing heart, for the knowledge has been given to Her to give to mankind of the coming terrible chastisement to the United States. There is hope though for all mankind and the peoples of the United States that, if they will listen and act upon Our Lady's counsel from Heaven, there is still time to avoid this terrible chastisement. And I assure you, Our Lady - I would say Jesus and Our Lady together - have in the past eight years given me insight to see the Great Chastisement and the many minor afflictions that will be allowed upon the peoples of the United States and other countries throughout the world. These afflictions shall go by, many unrecognized by man as coming from God the Father. Eyes will see and still not believe."

The great Warning promised from Heaven is approaching and will be instrumental in bringing many back to the Faith. Our Lady will not give at this time a date for the Warning. This is unnecessary and useless, Our Lady has stressed many times, due to the fact that it is better that man makes a gradual but permanent change for good. Otherwise, it will be a matter of a short time, should he be given dates, only a matter of a short time before he will return to his sin. All Heaven wants a heartfelt, permanent change in mankind's ways now that are offending God the Father. America the beautiful has become paganized by sin and must be cleansed."


July 25, 1978
Eve Of The Feast Of St. Joachim And St. Ann

Our Lady-"My child, you will continue to send the Message from Heaven out to all mankind. Do not slacken in your pace. As you know, as I have told you-which must remain secret until it is profitable to be told, and I will tell you, My child-there is little time left before the Warning. Pray always, daily: morning, noon, and night. Keep your hearts tuned into the Spirit of Light, My children. Do not bury yourselves in the world, for the world is now a battleground with Satan."

Jesus-"My children of light, My Mother will continue to be with you in the days ahead. Yes, Her voice has cried out in supplication to the Eternal Father for a continued reprieve for mankind from the Warning and the Great Chastisement. However, many warnings have been given in the past to awaken mankind from its slumber, as man is plunging fast to his own destruction."
"Sins in your country and in many countries throughout the world has become a way of life. In the history of a fallen nation you will always find it is preceded by a fall into immorality and sin. For a nation that has been given plenty, it has been used now, this excess in luxury, to destroy souls."
"The Faith is being attacked in My House upon earth, My Church, and man of My clergy are falling into the plan with the octopus, the great world powers that seek to gather all nations into a rule of a one - world government and a one - world religion based on humanism and modernism. However, this shall not be set in motion to a conclusion with the loss of souls. This shall not be set in motion because the Eternal Father will send a Warning to mankind, a great Warning of such magnitude that very few will doubt that it comes from the Eternal Father and is not man - made."
"Your scientists are rising, seeking to go above all creation, seeking knowledge that will bring men down from their peak. And they will fall fast into hell, they abyss, eternal damnation."
"The human nature of man is corruptible, and when this corruption flows into the soul, the spirit, then what shall a man do but become a stooge, an agent of hell. Many, for the love of power and money, have given themselves over to being Judases in My Church, My House. No man is hidden from the eyes of the Eternal Father, for He has counted each hair on your head."
"My children of the world, all mankind now is in great distress and suffering. A spiritual war is being waged upon earth now. The human body shall suffer, but woe! woe to the world when the spirit becomes darkened.
"My children, pray a constant vigilance of prayer now in your homes, in the countries throughout earth. For I say unto you now: a great Warning is approaching mankind."


September 28, 1978
Eve Of The Feast Of SS. Michael, Gabriel,
And Raphael, The Archangels

Jesus - "My child and My children, I am not intending to go through a long discourse with you on the present state of My Church in Rome. Suffice it to say that 666, Lucifer and his agents, will make a concerted effort to dethrone the present Vicar. In his plan, the plan of Lucifer, he seeks to unite My Church with the world, and this I shall not permit."

"I have asked through My Mother, My Mother Who has pleaded through countless earth - years, for an extension of time for mankind to come back to the fold. But for My Mother mankind would have been given a great chastisement already. I say this, My children, that you may understand that the evil has accelerated upon earth. The Eternal Father has a plan to bring about the separation of the sheep from the goats. The war is on now, good and evil now, a war of the spirits."

"Being of free will in the image of the Eternal Father, mankind has refuted and refused his redemption. Mankind has returned civilization to its corrosive state of the past when it was necessary to destroy mankind in his sin in order to bring forth another flowering generation with promise for growth without the necessity for chastisement. However the prayers of the few have held back the Warning and Great Chastisement."


November 25, 1978
Eve Of The Feast Of Christ The King

Our Lady - "My children, understand well: you must all review the lives of your saints given in the Christian churches throughout the world. I ask My world's children, all Christians, to unite against the common enemy of your God: Lucifer!"
"Do you not understand? Lucifer seeks to destroy Christianity. He seeks to destroy this by taking the word of God from among you, by substituting a way of life that is pure insanity. For sin is insanity. Will you allow this to happen to your children! Can you not understand that as your Mother I shall shout to you to My last breath; turn back for you are falling into the abyss!"

"You will all keep a constant vigilance of prayer going throughout your world. I have given you the way: prayer, atonement and sacrifice. Pray your Rosary daily, Gather your children about you, your families, and pray. Do not be affrighted by the coming Warning. It will be of short duration. However, We hope that with this Warning many shall be turned back from their road that leads to perdition and death."





November 20, 1979
Eve Of The Feast Of The Presentation Of Mary In The Temple

Jesus-"My children of the world, you stand now upon a hill, a hill that you have built upon humanistic values and materialistic manners, as you sought to build a world of your own; cutting off the light, and building a utopia, built with humanism and socialism, and communism; all under the heading of love and brotherhood, but covered with a blanket of darkness of the spirit. For this, the Eternal Father has allowed you to pursue your own course. The awakening shall come in shock to many."





March 18, 1983
Eve Of The Feast Of Saint Joseph

Our Lady-"My child, many times I have heard you calling to Me in supplication for your leaders of your country, and the leaders of all nations throughout the world. What can We say of them at this time? That very few have received the grace to turn back from their ways that have offended the Eternal Father, and We have now reached the point of history, the end days, and soon the great Chastisement will be set upon your country and every nation that has succumbed to Satan."
"My child, there is much to be done before the Warning, and then the great Chastisement. In between this shall come forth the Third World War. You will see carnage, and killings, and blood running in your streets, My children."


March 26, 1983
Eve Of Palm Sunday

Jesus-"Yes, My child and My children, the world now is being prepared by the Bear and will face a crucible of suffering. As My Mother has told you before, I will repeat again: There will be minor chastisements, and then will come the great Warning and the greatest of chastisement, a Chastisement such as has never been seen before in your nation or the nations of the world and we pray will never then be seen again. However, only a few will be left."





October 1, 1988
Feast of Saint Theresa & the Guardian Angels

Jesus-"The Warning will soon be upon mankind. You ask Me, My child, can it be stopped? Only by prayers and sacrifice shall it be held back, but the time is long overdue. If it were not for My Mother, who steadily holds her hand upon Mine in sorrow, I would let My hand fall and the Warning come upon mankind. It is not to be asked for because you know it is coming, My children. It is to be prayed against, for there will be those who will die in this Warning."

"Now My child, take the three photographs."
(A pause while the photographs are taken)
Veronica - Jesus is now making the sign of the Cross, and He's standing there right above the trees, about..oh, about I would say twenty or thirty feet above the trees. Now Jesus is touching His fingers to His lips."
Earthquake Because Of Abortions
Jesus - "My child and My children, I refer to you always as My children because every single soul that is upon the earth today alive and those who have also been aborted, were brought into the world through the intercession of the Holy Spirit; Therefore, they are creations of your God, and as such for the United States, a measure of punishment: There will be a great earthquake. This earthquake will be in a most unusual place, My child, but when it happens, they will know that they are facing now an angry God."

"My child and My children, We have gone throughout the world, in various places for many earth - years, trying to warn mankind that unless he changed his ways, great chastisements shall fall upon all mankind. There have been wars and rumours of war going now throughout the world. There will be a great war, but first you will receive the Warning, The great Warning. Many hearts shall stop with fear."
"Those who do not listen to Our pleading voices now throughout the world, your time is growing short. We say that to all. For those with the grace and knowledge of what is going to transpass... trespass I should say because, My child in My mind, I hear all of the trespasses of mankind against the laws of his God. That is why I cannot hold My Father's hand nor Mine back any longer."



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